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Ale Fleur One  – Single Malt and Single Hop – A Pale Ale made with just 1 type of malt (Pale Ale Malt) and one hop variety to showcase the 2 ingredients. The hop we used on this batch is Citra which has tropical fruit and citrus (lime and grapefruit) flavors. 4.7% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and 29 International Bittering Units (IBU’s)


Sugar Creek Lager – A refreshing American Light Lager, Sugar creek is bright, clear, golden yellow in color and contains a slightly sweet malty character with a pleasant clean finish.. 4.2% Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and 9 International Bittering Units (IBU’s).


Paddy Shack Red  – Kirkwood meets Ireland for this take on a classic brew. An Irish Red Ale that we brewed traditionally to style for a nice toffee malt flavor and a bit of roast. We then dry-hopped with Mosaic hops to give it a little something extra. 5.1% ABV and 21 IBU.


Spring Fling – Fruity and refreshing this is a perfect beer to sip on and enjoy on our patio. Spring Fling is a traditional Berliner Weisse brewed with raspberries. If you are an experienced sour drinker or new to the style, then this is the perfect beer for you. The sweetness of the fruit and the malt balance nicely with the tart notes of the beer. BY THE WAY THIS BEER IS PINK! Sour – Berliner Weisse. 3.1 % ABV and 3 IBU.


Green Mistress – Ever had a Gruit? No? Let me explain. Gruits are a traditional style featuring herbs before the emergence of hops in beer. Sweet Gale takes the primary focus here but there are almost a dozen herbs present. The Belgian yeast is balanced against a medium malt body and finishes with a delicate touch of Absinthe and oranges. “The Moon is a Green Mistress.”  8.3% ABV and 25 IBU


Super Chief IPA –  Super Chief IPA takes everything that you’ve loved about our original IPA and takes it to another level. Pale orange in color, this beer hit a perfect balance of malt, hops aroma and bitterness. Cascade, Columbus and Chinook hops provide a huge hop aroma and the Munich, biscuit, and Patagonia Crystal malts finish the beer with a deep malty and bready quality. The Super Chief provides everything you could ask for in an American IPA while remaining easily drinkable. Hop on the hop train and stop at Kirkwood Station for a beer or three! 6.1% ABV – 60 IBU.


Midnight Train – A dark German lager also known as a Schwarzbier (Black Beer). Medium-light bodied, with a dark brown color, with ruby highlights. A balanced malt flavor, that is roasted, yet smooth from the Midnight Wheat used to brew it. 4.8% ABV and 23 IBU’s.



Blackberry Wheat – A uniquely light and refreshing fruit beer that is yellow in color with a crisp clean flavor. It is an easy drinking, slightly sweet beer with a crisp clean flavor. Brewed with 2-Row Malt, White Wheat Malt, and Natural Blackberry flavoring. Year round Flagship. 4.8% ABV and 11 IBU’s.


Big Five – OH  –   A Belgian style Saison-Farmhouse Ale. A refreshing, strong fruity/spicy ale with a dry finish. Brewed with Belgian malt and a special Belgian yeast strain that gives it a distinct aroma and flavor. 8.2% ABV and 28 IBU.



Heffing Good – (NEW) A hazy slice of summer. Heffing Good is a classic hefeweizen bursting with banana and wheat goodness. Loral hops add a pleasant floral aroma to compliment the banana and cloves. Make sure that you come get some soon because it will move fast!  4.7 ABV%, 14 IBU.



Red IPA – An American Imperial Stout with cold brew coffee from our friends at Stringbean Coffee. Roasty and full of chocolate and pit fruit notes and a bit of alcohol warmth. This stout is brimming with complex notes of oak, vanilla, currants and figs. The coffee is brewed with Peaberry beans from Malawi to help compliment the pit fruit flavors in the stout. Cheers! 10.2 ABV% 70 IBU.


El Don  – The Kirkwood take on the traditional cerveza. A light clean Vienna Lager with just a touch of maize to give it a kick from below the border. “El Don” pours out with a golden straw color and a white creamy head. A lime garnish is optional. Hecha especialmente para la raza! 4.1% ABV 16 IBU.

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Dopplebock  -Coming Soon!

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It is possible to order cases of these beers for delivery or take out.

Ale Fleur One

Blackberry Wheat


Midnight Train

Pumpkin Ale

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